Sunday, June 4, 2017

On Waiting on the Lord (More Spurgeon)

"The Lord, when he hath given great faith, has been known to try it by long delayings...But we must be careful not to take delays in prayer for denials: God's long-dated bills will be punctually honored; we must not suffer Satan to shake our confidence in the God of truth by pointing to our unanswered prayers. Unanswered prayers are not unheard...Will not the Lord's time be better than thy time? By and by he will comfortably appear, to thy soul's joy, and make thee put away the sackclock and ashes of long waiting, and put on the scarlet and fine linen of full fruition."

CH Spurgeon, Evening by Evening

Monday, March 27, 2017

i dreamed

i dreamed

you made me

into a lipstick rose - a kiss

to a well-watered

garden of grass and trees

of teeming things

i awoke

a beavertail pricky pear

fastened miles and

miles, miles and

miles out in

mojave sands

i stood

for days and

days, days and

days in a southwestern

oven waiting

sun radiating

a raindrop,

then two; a

wildflower superbloom

i saw beauty and life

come to even

death valley

Kariana Reyes