Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Piece by Piece" - An Unexpected "Worship" Song

"Piece by Piece"- An Unexpected "Worship" Song

A few months back, a woman from church shared a vision with me. While praying for me, God showed her a well made of bricks. But the well was not complete - it had some bricks missing or cracked, so water seeped out of the well where there were holes. She prophesied that God would make the broken bricks whole, and where bricks were missing, He would replace them. This was my first time meeting this woman, and she didn't know that for months God had been speaking to me loudly and clearly about water - in particular, His Living Water (John 7:38). After hearing her vision, I knew that I desired to carry a whole, strong, and deep well that could hold His Living Water - a well not just for me, but one that others could drink from when they are thirsty for more of Him.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and right now I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson's latest song about her father, "Piece by Piece." Few songs have made me cry like this one has, and I can only guess that too many people can relate to it. It's touching what a healing gift her husband has been to her and how much confidence she has in him and in his love for her. But when I hear this song, I can't help but think of God. It brings me to a heart of worship, because I know Him to be the One who makes me whole, putting me back together, piece by piece. My security and healing come from Him. This is not just head-knowledge, but heart-knowledge:

"Piece by piece he collected me up off the ground...piece by piece he filled the holes...he takes care of me cause he loves me."

I can't say that I fully understand how God is repairing my well, but I do know it is in the tender, loving way only a perfect Father could: piece by piece, brick by brick.

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