Monday, May 5, 2014

To Knowing You a Decade

To Knowing You a Decade

Your right hand opened to reveal the golden
Figurines I'd formed before my tears began and
Let me witness them tumble and crack
They were never part of Your plan

Ancient abstract idea of who You are
What I’d heard, what I’d read
Now unveiled tangibility
Me the feet, You the head

How You knew me before forming me
In my mother’s womb I’ll never comprehend
Betrothed to Your Son, Father's daughter
Powerful Spirit as a friend

If one thousand years is like a day to You
One day like a thousand years
My decade’s surely momentary
Though somehow counted by You dear

Kariana Reyes


"The dearest idol I have known,
whate’er that idol be;
Help me to tear it from thy throne,
and worship only thee." 

(CH Sprugeon, Morning by Morning, May 4th)

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