Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day One

So here I am, day one of my first blog entry. I say "day" one, despite the fact that it's pitch black outside and I am snuggled up in my cozy white blanket from Home Goods - a wonderful twenty dollar investment I must add - and preparing for bed. After months and months of contemplating the commencement of this new addition to my plethora of obsessions, I have finally caved in, all thanks to my dear friend, Brianna, who had sweetly encouraged me. As silly as it may sound, it's a scary thing for a young woman like me to start a blog. Sharing faults and struggles, fearing literary inadequacy, and opening up to others who inevitably share many different beliefs and ideas, were all reasons sufficient enough to make me sprint the other way and throw away the key to the lock I have around the things I, in reality, am truly and genuinely eager to share.

...but here I go, day one. don't judge too harshly! Maybe you and I can learn a thing or two from each other the days to come.

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Stamping Details said...

Wow I am so impressed with your thoughts and writing a proud Mom for sure!